Friday, September 07, 2007

Scott Ritter on Waging Peace

Did you catch Scott Ritter on CSpan BookTV last week talking about his new book?



Scott Ritter points out that a lot of people who currently oppose the War in Iraq do so not because we should never have invaded in the first place. They are only opposed now because the war is not going well. One clear sign that someone only opposes the war because we are losing is if they are in favor of bombing Iran. This would include most of the Democrats in Congress and the top 3 Democratic candidates for President.

I think Scott Ritter is right to talk about opposing this war the way Gandhi and his followers opposed the British in India. The media, the Congresss and the entire Washington power structure have been bought off. To stop this thing before it becomes World War III the people will need to stop waiting for leaders and just rise up the way the people of India rose up behind Gandhi.

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