Monday, September 17, 2007

Miracles still happen?

If you have ever wondered what the video would look like if witnesses to a religious miracle had video cameras and made videos of the event then you are in luck. A large crowd in Syria witnessed what they thought was a miracle and many of them had cell phone cameras. One of them posted the video on YouTube with the following description.

This is footage taken at the Zaynab mosque in Syria where thousands of bystanders witnessed the sealed shut doors to A Miracle happened in the Maqam of Sayeda Zeinab (A.S) in the Arba3en of Imam Hussein (A.S) in Syria (1428 hijri - 2007).. The Shrine was firmly closed and nobody inside, and suddenly a Light came from inside the Maqam and the internal Large Gate started to open spontaneously (by itself) all people there saw that, it was VERY CLEAR.. and the amazing thing is that the door was openning in the reverse side of what it would normally open in!!

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Dave Barrett said...

Is it not strange that the god of miracles only chooses to act in trivial ways such as this opening of a door. I would think that a god worthy of our worship would select more meaningful "godly acts" for these rare interventions in the world of man. Why an invisible hand opening a door and not an invisible hand plucking a child from a burning building? Are we to know this god as simply the representative of triviality who defers to the world of science for all matters of substance in our lives?

[posted for Dan by Dave]