Monday, September 03, 2007


I have deleted the last blog entry I posted yesterday because the blog entry on the Daily Kos that it referred to has been deleted. (Thanks for alerting me to that, Huck.) The Daily Kos article was deleted apparently because it had come under attack as being a fabrication and the author had no evidence to counter the charges. Now that it has been pointed out I guess I should realized that at most only a handful of the most senior navy officers on board a carrier would know if and how all the cruise missiles on board had been targeted and that, unlike the National Guard soldiers on the ground in Iraq, the majority of the career Navy people on board ships are probably not losing faith in Bush Administration.


Anonymous said...

Correctly, Lex's point is that the Naval Officers on board know it's not their job to evaluate Bush's policies. It is their job to execute the mission given to them.

Lex sums it up: "The questions we always ask before combat are all related to “how do I get in and do my job without getting bagged,” not whether or not it’s a job worth doing."

Senior or junior, it's about execution.

Dave Barrett said...

Thanks Huck.