Wednesday, September 05, 2007

5 Reasons why bombing Iran would be a worse mistake than invading Iraq

1. Population of Iran = 71 million. Population of Iraq = 20 million.
2. Number of Iranians in the United States = 235,000. Number of Iraqis in the United States = 90,000
3. In Iraq the Shiites and the Kurds (about three fourths of the population) did not initially oppose our invasion. All the experts agree that if the United States attacked Iran it would unite the Iranian people against us.
4. Most of the Iraqis in the United States welcomed our invasion of their country. Very few if any of the Iranians in the United States would support the United States attacking Iran.
5. Iraq had been weakened by 10 years of sanctions before we invaded. Iran is very strong and currently very wealthy because of high oil prices.

The only sources of information I have are the same ones you have. I googled to get the population figures for Iran and Iraq. I have never met President Bush. I have never looked into his eyes and taken his measure in person. And yet when Congress gave him authorization to take military action against Iraq I knew he was going to invade and Hillary Clinton, who had much more access to insider info than I, says she thought he was going to use that authorization only as a bargaining chip.

In the same way that I knew then that he was going to invade Iraq I know now that President Bush is going to bomb Iran unless someone stops him. It is obvious that the Democrats in Congress have no intention of stopping him. If you pay attention to what happens in other countries it is clear that if a large enough number of citizens take to the streets the government has to listen. Will you join me in the streets to stop the United States from bombing Iran?

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