Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why pro-life Conservatives should vote for Obama

I had been wondering if there were any true Conservatives anymore. You know, ones that think traditional Conservative principles like small government, fiscal responsibility, distrust of government power, etc. are more important than being partisan Republicans. I think I may have spotted a few in this video.

I was especially struck by the fellow that said he was pro-life but was putting that on hold for this election and voting to save the country in hopes that the pro-life/pro-choice thing can perhaps be worked out some time in the future.

Maybe the best thing the pro-life movement could do would be to make a public show of voting for Obama on that basis. What good does it do them to go down to defeat with McCain/Palin? If enough of them publicly state that they are voting for Obama in order to be able to continue the pro-life fight in the future then an Obama victory is no longer a defeat for the pro-life cause. Think about it.

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Daniel said...

It is sure nice to see that at least some pro-life voters are beginning to see past the verbal haze. The current crop of Republican candidates are so wrong on so many moral issues that a verbal commitment to "pro-life" does not begin to achieve any sort of balance or redemption.

Next I'd like to see the Christian Right support Obama, who is clearly the most truly Christian presidential candidate either party has put forward seen since Jimmy Carter.