Thursday, October 02, 2008

Family Man Barack

In general I think that people should decide for whom to vote based on the issues and political philosophy rather than on personality and "feeling your pain." But in this video you can see that Barack Obama is a true family man who really likes babies in a way that only a proud and devoted father does. Contrast his demeanor with the smoldering "Yosemite Sam" anger that John McCain has been showing lately.


Matt said...

sorry to go off-topic dave, but i had a question you (or your readers) might be able to answer. my wife and i are voting via early ballots this year. do have suggestions about where to find good information on the judges that are up for reappointment? now, i live on the iowa side of the river (scott county), but i didn't think that should keep me from throwing this out there on your site. i know there are independent, objective websites that gave good summaries about judicial candidates, but right now i'm not finding any for the life of me. is it still a bit early to seek out this info?

Dave Barrett said...

Good question matt!

I have often confronted choices in the voting booth that I had wished I gotten more information about beforehand. On local and regional candidates and issues it often seems that the only information you can find is from groups with a vested interest who are therefore biased.

Can anyone offer any opinions about the candidates for judge on the Iowa side?