Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who won last night's debate?

I would have thought that the only conceivable basis for judging who “won” last night’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain was which candidate converted the most undecided voters into supporters. On that basis it was no contest. Barack Obama overwhelmingly won. See here for a good analysis of how undecided voters' reacted to the debate.

But the tv network talking heads who provided instant analysis immediately following the debate must have had some other criteria. If you figure out what that was could you let me know?


lyrl said...

I listened to the post-debate analysis on NPR, and they were taking the same view you take in this post. Maybe being on television does something to the talking heads' brains?

Daniel said...

I did like that (finally) there were people who quickly pointed out the terrible and total misrepresentation of "middle" as people with incomes starting at $250,000 and up. But it was NPR that today said that 98% of all small businesses in the US are better off under the democratic tax plan. Also that Joe Plumber doesn't like any taxes as he currently owes a lot in back taxes.