Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Tell me how you keep this straight?"

Oh dear. Once again we in the Quad Cities are presenting ourselves to the whole world, which is closely following this presidential race, as ignorant bumpkins. Here is an actual letter to the editor published in today's Quad City Times:

I am confused how anyone could consider voting for president of the United States a man who has lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, had a Muslim stepfather and attended a Muslim school half a world away.

What we are taught as children during our formative years continues to influence us the rest of our lives. This effect troubles me. In fact, even his name confuses me at times. I have a difficult time remembering if his name is Obama or Osama?

Perhaps you could tell me how you keep this straight?

Michael Elmore


Since you asked, Michael, my guess is that you have been listening to right-wing talk radio and that is the source of your confusion. It is quite simple, really. Barack Obama is a Harvard Law graduate, United States Senator, running for president who drew crowds of more than 100,000 people in recent rallies in St. Louis and Denver. He will be on your presidential ballot, listed as a Democrat. Osama bin Laden is a Saudi national, who at last report was living in a cave in or near Afghanistan. He will not be on the ballot. If someone tries to confuse you again on this matter, my advice is to stop listening to them.


Daniel said...

I'm a sixth grade teacher and I have heard comments from my students to match this guy's ignorance. Students have stated that Obama is a Muslim and will require all Americans to convert to his religion and that Obama as President would bring terrorists into this country to blow it up.

These students must have parents living in deep deep fear to cause loving adults to express these fantastic lies with the obvious goal of frightening their young children.

I wonder what it is in the minds of people that causes them to live their lives so controlled by imaginary dangers?

They choose to be afraid!


Anonymous said...

I agree that this once again puts the intelligence of the QCA in question. But I also am confused as to why the Times would publish obvious untruths, even in an opinion page. These smears have been rebuked many times, by politicos of all stripes, so I'm disappointed at the editorial screening process at the Times.