Monday, September 22, 2008

Who is to blame?

According to what the U.S. Treasury Secretary has been telling everyone the world banking system will collapse unless immediate and unprecedented action is taken. This crisis has as its basis securities being held by the banks that turn out to be worth much less than was expected because a much higher percentage of the home mortgages upon which the securities were based are turning out to be bad than was anticipated. Apparently this situation is going to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. Who should be blamed?

Judging by the comments my last few blog entries have received many people think the primary responsibility rests with the home buyer.

Assume we are talking about the majority of mortgages which were taken out by home buyers who were not real estate or finance professionals. When every one of those bad mortgages were created there were a number of people in the room, everyone of whom other than the borrower was a professional with a responsibility, either to the bank that would end up holding the mortgage or to the home buyer, to help write a mortgage that would be successfully repaid. Everyone in that room, except the borrower, got paid in full at that time for their contribution to that process. How in God's name can the primary blame for their failure to write a good mortgage rest with the home buyer?


lyrl said...

I had thought QCI and I were arguing against the position that the homebuyer had zero blame.

The position that the homebuyer has secondary (or tertiary, or lower) blame I agree with. I apologize if that did not come across.

Daniel said...

Dave, you could not have said it better.

I too wonder why Republican politicians and policy makers again and again and again make excuses for the criminal and heartless behavior of big business (or turn a blind eye to the selfish behavior of the wealthy) and then heap blame and misery on average Americans?

Why must Republicans work so hard to assist the wealthy to gain more wealth and use government policy to take from the poor and unfortunate?

Have they no shame?