Saturday, September 06, 2008

How Dare You Question Our Patriotism?

A local blogger is passing on lies from the McCain Campaign. After the Democratic convention a local vendor removed some bags of American flags and gave them to the McCain Campaign. They claimed they were found near a dumpster and assumed they were destined to be thrown away. "Not so," says the Democratic National Convention Committee. Quote sourced here.
Stories circulating about flags at the Democratic National Convention are false. We distributed more than 125,000 American made flags at the Convention - the flags removed from Invesco field were intended for other events and taken without permission. It's disappointing that someone would take American flags without authorization and then falsely describe how they were being used. We have the utmost respect for the American flag, and it's sad to see them being used for a cheap political stunt

Of course, there is no way of knowing if the flags would have ended up being discarded if that vendor had not taken them. Even if they had all that would mean was that at most a small handful of people were careless and certainly not that anyone was unpatriotic, especially not Barack Obama or the entire Democratic party.

When asked specifically about it, John McCain always denies that he questions Barack's patriotism, but here he goes again.

(I tried to post comments with the above information on the local blog referenced above but there were deleted. I guess she does not want her readers to hear the truth.)

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Daniel said...

You are right to blow away yet another example of the fog of lies and false accusations generated by Republicans and "Right Wing Attack Dogs."

Isn't it sad, however,that symbols of patriotism (flags) are given more importance by Republicans than the true and real patriotism those symbols represent. One top Republican after another at the convention ridiculed Obama's choice to work helping the needy instead of taking a high paying job in business. Do Republicans truly believe that the typical career path of their leaders (moving from one high paying job in business to another) is patriotic and that helping the needy is not?