Friday, September 12, 2008

It’s not a generational thing.

When I heard Sarah Palin tell ABC's Charles Gibson that the United States should go to war with Russia if they invade Georgia again I could not believe it. How could anyone suggest that the United States go to war with Russia?

Sarah Palin is of a younger generation. Maybe young people today are not as aware as we baby boomers are of the consequences of a thermo-nuclear war. So I asked my 18 year old daughter, "How do you think going to war with Russia would compare to our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?" "Russia," she exclaimed, eyes wide with astonishment and concern. "They have nuclear bombs! We would all die!"

So no, I guess it's not a generational thing.


A local conservative blog is suggesting that the only reason anyone might think that Sarah Palin had breezily said that we might have to go to war with Russia if they have another border skirmish with any of their neighbors is because of unfair framing of the issue by that bastion of liberalism - ABC News. I watching the interview and got my impression of what Ms. Palin said directly from her. The fact that John McCain said something similar does nothing to detract from the provocative and disturbing nature of their position on this.


Local Liberal said...

Quite a few 18-year-olds know what the "Bush Doctrine" is, as well. Of course, after 8 years of "reguar guy" Bush, maybe people want another person that doesn't seem smarter than them.

She didn't seem to help herself much in the interview, but she seems even more bulletproof than Bill Clinton was.

I'm looking forward to the tougher stance that Obama is saying he will take now that the 9/11 anniversary has passed.

Dave Barrett said...

Welcome local liberal! Good to have another avowed liberal onboard.

Sarah Palin has been somewhat bulletproof so far but I detect a subtle change in the attitude of the Main Street Media about her and McCain's lies. Rather than simply saying "Democrat's claim this is a lie" they are starting just call them lies on their own authority as journalists. We will see if the public's infatuation with her starts to gradually wear down in the face of relentless fact-checking.