Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The perspective of a mother of a special needs child

Apparently John McCain and only a small circle of advisers selected Sarah Palin as his choice for vice president. I wonder how many women were part of that decision. I suspect not very many. At least some women feel very different about Sarah Palin's situation and behavior than any of the men I have heard opine on the matter. This is famous female blogger Blue Gal's take:

I think Sarah Palin is a bad mother.

I hate even thinking that about anyone. Palin is an idiot. I don't care how many people want me to paint her as 'smart'. She's also a compulsive liar, and has obviously lied to herself that she can do the job of helping McCain to get elected, too.

As the mother of a special needs kid, I can tell you that at the time of his diagnosis I would have cut off my own limb before taking ANY job that took me away from his care.
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I wonder what percentage of woman voters share the above opinion, or will come around to that pont of view after seeing Ms. Palin on the campaign trail for the next 60 days. After all she will either leave her 5 children, including her 4 month old special needs baby and pregnant 17 year old, at home or drag them along with her as she campaigns. Judging from the last 2 presidential elections something that would cause just 5% of the voters who would otherwise vote Republican to stay home or vote Democratic would sink John McCain's chances.


Steven James Jerardo said...

Sarah Palin will be the first woman President in 2012.

Daniel said...

Good point. Question: Would ANY parent of your acquaintance consider taking on added responsibilities outside the home during the first 6 months of their new born baby's life? Would ANY parent you know of with a new born "special needs" child not reduce any and all other responsibilities to better care for their new born? Why then is the "family values" party asking us to give a vote of support to a mother of a "special needs" infant, a mother abandoning her parental responsibilities to take on a major role in a presidential campaign?


lyrl said...

Since McCain chose her as his running mate, Palin's husband has quit his job to be a full-time stay-at-home dad.

Palin will be taking her youngest with her on the campaign trail as she is breastfeeding him.

I believe children need their parents' care, and that when one parent has a very demanding job it is best for the children if the other parent has little to no work outside the home. The Palins have chosen Todd to be the homemaker at this stage of their family's life. I'm fine with that.

Besides which, I find an overabundance of reasons to dislike Palin on the issues. There is no need to go into her personal life to find things to criticize her for.

Daniel said...

I must disagree with lyri.
During the 8 years of the Clinton administration, Republicans across the party said loudly and often that such personal matters were very very important. They kept a near constant attack on the president, his wife, and even his daughter for what they felt were personal failings. Character issues they called them.

I seldom agree with Republicans, but here I do. Words are cheap and many a politician has said one thing in the campaign and then acted in a different manner once elected. But I care very much whether a parent puts dogma and their image ahead of family and a baby's best interests.

It was her choice as a middle aged woman to have a baby despite the higher risk of problems. And now, with those possible problems a reality, she is ignoring the best interests of the baby by dragging the baby, her pregnant teenage daughter, and her husband into a very very demanding presidential campaign.

These actions are a clear window into Sarah Palin's ability to make good choices as our country's V.P. or (all too likely) as President.

Sarah's character is important to know and to discuss.


Blue Gal said...

Thanks much for the link.