Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who is going to give away your Social Security benefits?

The National Republican Congressional Committee is sending out mailers to voters in the Illinois 6th Congressional District race (and probably other targeted races) trying to scare voters by claiming that the Democratic candidate favors an immigration policy that would "let illegal immigrants get your Social Security."

My Social Security?!? Adding 10 million workers to the Social Security system would not threaten MY benefits. It would make the system stronger and more secure. Adding more workers to the system would make it more likely that I would be able to collect my benefits. What would threaten my benefits would be removing workers from the system the way the Republican plan for partial privatization would do.

So who is the greater threat to your Social Security benefits - the Democrats who want to add workers to the system or Republicans who want to remove them?

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Ellen Beth said...

Those (black, brown, etc.) people are going to get your (job, benefits, women etc.). The oldest racist campaign in the book. They never stop using it because, unfortunately, if more often than not, works. The American people should stop letting this argument work.