Friday, September 15, 2006

Political Cartoon Homework Assignment

My daughter is in the 11th grade attending Moline High School. She was given a homework assignment to draw a political cartoon. She told me the sentiment she wanted to express and asked me for advice how to turn it into a cartoon. I told her to draw a rather portly man, label him "Republican Congressman" and have him saying "Immigrants are ruining this country." Then draw a man putting a ballot in a ballot box, label him "Voters" and have him saying to the Congressman, "No. You’re ruining this country. You’re Fired!". My daughter liked that idea, drew it up and turned it in.

The teacher gave it an A.


The Inside Dope said...

Heehee.... Bravo! Congrats to your daughter. With such a great and accurate punch line, how could it NOT get an A?

That story cracked me up. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of completing the assignment is for he rto figure out what to draw. She might of given you the sentiment but you still did her homework.

I hope you daughter dosen't develop an eating disorder because of your emphisis on someones weight.

Dave Barrett said...

I wanted her to make the Congressman figure look like Dennis Hastert but she does not know who he is so I just told her to draw a portly man.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I would expect more from a true liberal -- there are so many things wrong with this story of which you are so proud:
1) you did your daughter's homework
2)you did not take the time to explain to her who Dennis Hastert is; like him or not, he is the Speaker of the US House, a fairly important position
3)You seem to be promoting 'profiling' of Republicans
4)you appear to have some sort of disdain for fat people

As Phil Hare positions himself for win in this Congressional District, I guess he would also fit into your cartoon. He's fat, a Congressman (soon), and has yet to cast any votes on the immigration issue so its hard to tell where he'll stand...

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Anonymous I think what you said is rather rude. If he wanted to help his daughter with her homework that is between him the teacher and his daughter. I suggest you stop making such deep insites into other peoples problems and decissions.