Monday, September 04, 2006

Salute To Labor Picnic, Labor Day 2006

This is a picture I took at the Salute to Labor picnic at Illiniwek park today.From right to left we have:
Richard "Dick" Leibovitz - Rock Island County Clerk
Vicki Wright - candidate for Appelate Court Judge
LuAnn Kerr - Rock Island County Treasurer
John Edwards - former US Senator and Vice Presidential candidate
John Gianulis - Rock Island County Democratic Party Chairman
Mike Jacobs - Illinois State Senator 36th District
Pat Verschoore - Illinois State Representative 72nd District
Mike Boland - State Representative 71st District

I was very impressed with John Edwards and what he had to say. I did not take notes or record the speech so what I say will be from my memory and impressions of what he said. He told us that people around the world were suspicious and dubious about the motives and objectives of the United States and what we are doing overseas but that was because they did not know the American people, who we are and what we stand for. The reason they do not know us is because Abu Graib and Guantanomo Bay do not reflect the American people. We are better than that! And if Democrats are returned to power in Washington the government's actions and polices will once again reflect the values and morals of the American people. [huge applause] He said more than that but that is the essence of what I took away from his speech.

The media is reporting that hundreds of people were there. That seems right to me.


Anonymous said...

No Phil Hare?

He must not want the Labor vote.....

Dave Barrett said...

Of course Phil Hare was there and he spoke too. He is a real labor man and has been at every one of those picnics for as long as I have been around. I have a picture of him at the podium but I was waiting for someone to identify those women on the stage before I went any further posting photos and descriptions.

benny06 said...

Thank you so much for this post. I was supposed to go to the rally, but living in far East Central Illinois, it was going to be a 9 hour roundtrip.

Please share more about the rally in what Edwards said as the MSM said very little about it. They said something about a few hundred people.

I will be linking your blog in other places.

UnionD said...

Vicki Wright Appelate Court Judge Candidate and LuAnn Kerr Rock Island County Treasurer are the people you wanted identified.

Dave Barrett said...

Thank you uniond! I have updated the entry to include your identifications.

benny06 - I have updated the entry to include by memory and impressions of what John Edwards had to say. I have always been impressed with him as a speaker and he did not disappointment me today, seeing him in person for the first time.

benny06 said...

Thanks, Dave. This was as close to a "CJ" report I could get. Hundreds of people? I would have expected maybe a 150 at most; jeepers, the trip would have been a lot longer for me just trying to get in and out.

I bet the crowd was inspired. I know I would have been.

I included your quote on my blog since I'm covering Edwards' three Labor Day stops today.

Thanks for the other pics. There are a bunch Braley supporters among the communities I hang with, so I'll alert them to this pic.

Anonymous said...

Someone said Mayor Mark Schweibert of Rock Island was there. I do not see him on the stage with the others. What gives?

Dave Barrett said...

I don't remember John Gianulis mentioning him as one of the Democratic elected officials in attendance, but I may have missed it. No mayors or alderman were asked to come up on stage -- just county-wide elected officals and candidates and higher.
I do know that former Moline mayor Al McCaulley was there because I had a nice long talk with him and his wife Linnea.

JobSearchNinja said...

"Labor was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labor, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased."