Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pictures from my bike ride

I took this picture this morning on my bicycle ride on the bike trail along the Mississippi River just west of downtown Moline. In the background is Arsenal Island. The boat and rowers are from the Quad City Rowing Association and are a common sight here in the summer, as is the egret (the white bird on the far shore). (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

On the bike trail just west of the Moline/Rock Island border they have just torn down some unsightly industrial buildings and are building a park and resting spot for bicyclists. The walkway connecting the steps to bike path was just poured in the last few days. From what I have seen and heard about their plans they are going to turn one of the least attractive spots on the bike trail into one of the nicest. I am keeping close tabs on their progress.

Another common sight on the bike path just east of downtown Moline is this flock of domestic geese that seems to be loosely associated with the Moline Water Department for some reason.

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The Inside Dope said...

Nice pictures Dave. And I had no idea about the project along the bike trail. That looks great and I'm really pleased to see it happening.

River Action, Inc. which plays a large part in planning and pushing for such things have been amazingly effective in their efforts over the years, yet receive relatively little attention.

And it was good to see the gaggle of white geese which are usuallly, as you note, hanging out behind the Moline Water Works. I look for them every time I go over the east bound span and their there more times than not.