Friday, January 02, 2009

Violent crimes committed by G.I.s back from war

Today's New York Times has an article about violent crimes being committed by soldiers returning home from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Daniel said...

Physically and mentally battered returning soldiers have always been an unspoken “cost of war.” It is no coincidence that since the United States Post Office has made a point of hiring war veterans it has become known as a place where employees commit insane acts of horrible violence. We’ve given the phenomena a name, “going postal.” But notice that we have never officially admitted the cause or begun to deal with these sad remnants of a dishonest and failed policy of supporting our imagined financial interests in Vietnam or now Iraq with violent force. The proof of this is seen in the now admitted lies used to sell both of these “wars” to the American people, lies told by rich old men as they attempt to build even more riches on the mangled young bodies of soldiers, soldiers who thought they were fighting for American’s freedom rather than to build fat cat wealth.

Anonymous said...

This alone should compel the Congress to begin investigation of war crimes by the Bush administration. Don't let them off the hook... to borrow a phrase from your other post.