Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Grown-Ups are back in charge.

My main reaction, listening to Barack Obama's Inaugeration speech, was that grown-ups are back in charge. We are no longer being told, for example, that we can have a war without sacrifice -- fought by volunteers, paid for by oil revenues from the invaded country, while the rest of us get tax cuts and are encouraged to go out shopping. The Obama Administration will not claim that we can solve our security problems by torturing people or eliminate our enemies by holding people we have captured indefinitely without charges.

This seems to be driving the few remaining Bush Administration loyalists crazy. Consider Mona Charen's column in today's newspapers for example:

That much having been said, it would be salutary in the midst of all this effervescence to reflect that many of the difficulties faced by the United States are not — the left's animadversions notwithstanding — the fault of George W. Bush.

I agree with that. Probably Dick Cheney is more to blame.

It is, for example, nearly universally agreed that America's supposed unpopularity in the world will be erased by the simple fact of Barack Obama raising his right hand and swearing to uphold the Constitution.

Nearly universally agreed that our unpopularity would be erased simply by swearing in Obama?!? Who, other than Ms. Charen, has suggested such a thing? And what does she mean "supposed unpopularity." She must not have done much traveling outside the United States lately.


tacky said...

Mona Charen will not find a good thing to say about us ( the government of the people) from now on. She never could say a kind thin about Obama before; she will not now.
I read her column only to be aware of how some people like her are thinking and how they might express themselves. A friend just informed me today that a died in the wool Republican could not stand to see one moment of the events on Inauguration Day.

sticker said...
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