Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Obama is re-administred the oath

Chief Justice Roberts came to the White House last evening and re-administered the presidential oath. Since Obama had repeated the words of oath slightly out of order during the official Inauguration doubts had been raised about whether he had actually taken the oath. Read more about it in this New York Times article.

You may have missed any mention of this in your local newspaper, if your local newspaper is not a big city paper with independent national reporting. The Associated Press is apparently boycotting this story and several other first day of the new administration stories in a dispute about their right to take their own White House photos rather then just distribute photos released by the Obama Administration. Read the Associated Press's take on it here. Notice how even in this story mention of the retaking of the oath is downplayed.

I can publish the above photo since it is an official government photo and therefore belongs to all the people. If the only photos of the event had been ones taken by the news organizations then there would have been no photos that I would have had rights to use.


ecrunner said...

This is weird, after all the coverage, live updates, following it through a wireless internet connection, etc that this retake was done in such privacy. I didn't think this was such a big deal the first time, just funny.

Dave Barrett said...

Privacy? We have pictures and an audio recording of the event. You, and all other Americans who are not members of the White House press corps, would not have had any more access to the event if they had pre-snnounced it and made a press event out of it. The Associated Press doesn't speak for me. I don't assume that I know more about an event or have more access to if they were invited to attend it and less if they were not.

splendid said...
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