Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fear of an Obama Presidency

My brother, who is a sixth grade teacher in the public schools in the Rockford area, just emailed me about what happened in his classroom the day after the election:

The majority of students in my class, those whose parents voted for Obama, could not enjoy a moment of glory because two students who were strong Republicans were terribly distressed, telling fellow students that they were going to have to leave our school and flee with their parents to Canada when President Obama started destroying our country. Other students were concerned and sympathetic to the fear felt by their fellow students.

I saw that this fear, pressed upon these children by ****** parents, was real, lasting, and not a ploy or act on the student's part.

In his Concession Speech Tuesday evening John McCain seemed to be trying to put back into Cassandra’s Box all the unwarranted fear and hatred of an Obama presidency that his campaign had unleashed, but obviously it is not going to be that easy. Of all the damage that has been inflicted onto this country the past 8 years, this unreasonable and unwarranted suspicion and fear of Obama held by those who drank the McCain/Palin Campaign Kool-aid may turn out to be among the most destructive of all. If this distrust of Obama cannot be overcome it will undermine the unity needed to get the country back on track and solve our dire and urgent economic, environmental and international security, prestige and moral authority problems.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny? They weren't scared when W was in there -- stupid, moronic, incompetent, ridiculous W -- yet they are scared with Obama, an intelligent, competent, articulate man whose shown real leadership and ability. I think we should discount anything anyone who voted for W says. Especially if they voted for him twice -- as many of them did, unbelievably. Unfortunately and sadly in this case, kids believe anything their parents tell them.

tacky said...

Today;s CNN Rick Sanchez interviewed several people about the fear of race. He said he saw some flags at half mast, and some nasty signs, including one on a church signboard.
I heard that some students ( white) at Rocky shaved their heads in support of the skinheads ( the day after the threatening skinheads were caught by the FBI) A teacher ( white) asked some black students to leave his classroom when they said something in favor of Obama--don't know if they were being disruptive or the teacher got upset.