Sunday, November 02, 2008

2008 Mexican Day of the Dead, Figge Art Museum

[click on photo to see it full sized.]

An altar honoring victims of domestic violence. The altar was created by the group "Healing Waters," director Shelley Guy, for the 2008 Mexican Day of the Dead Altar Display at the Figge Art Museaum, Davenport, Iowa.

[Please click on photo to see it full sized.]

An altar honoring womean murdered during a wave of murders in Mexican border towns in recent years. The altar was created by artist and college professor Jesus Pastor of Cortazar, Guanajuato, Mexico who has been a visiting artist in the Quad Cities for the past month.

Members of the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico perform as part of the 2008 Mexican Day of the Dead Festival on November 2 at the Figge Art Museaum


Matt said...

excellent. i have two free passes i need to use to check the work out. and actually dave, i ran into Rafael last night at a wedding of a mutual friend. if i can't get a t-shirt at the new figge store, he's going to personally hook me up with one. oh - by the way - did you see our modest little print show in the arts cafe space?

Dave Barrett said...

Oh yes, I did see the print show display and was very impressed. Excellent job!

Dave Barrett said...

Those t-shirts are being sold by the Casa Guanajuato organization so I don't think you will find them at the Figge store. I am sure Rafael can hook you up with one, but anyone else reading this who wants a TShirt with one of these designs on it (available both as black printing on a white shirt and white printing on a black shirt [really cool looking]) but does not know anyone associated with Casa Guanajuto can email me.

Dave Barrett said...

The "me" link in the above comment does not work. You can find a link for emailing me in the "Contact me" section -- scroll back up to the top and look on the right side of the screen.

Anonymous said...

Great pics here. I didn't realize this was going on. Will this exhibit go on for some time, or is it gone already.

Dave Barrett said...

The altar display will be up until Nov. 15th.