Friday, August 29, 2008

A Michelle Obama fan

Unlike another white Quad Cities political blogger I make no attempt to speak for African-Americans. They can speak for themselves perfectly well. For example, here is a blogger who appreciates Michelle Obama far more completely than I ever could.

First off, the dress? Loves it! Michelle always looks gorgeous in jewel tones. (Or any solid color. I don't think she has a bad color. The woman rocked ORANGE. That's just how we do.) I don't know who the designer is yet, but I bet it's Maria Pinto, her girl in Chicago. The dress is similar to the purple sheath and an orange dress she's worn previously that were also made by Pinto. I would have preferred a necklace over the beaded flower on her chest, but other than that I have few complaints. Over and over last night, myself, my dad, mother, pundits on TV, even on FOX News couldn't get over how gorgeous she looked. The best Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez on CNN could come up with was it was too "evening gown" like. Um ... seriously, Leslie.

Read the entire blog entry (including 34 pictures of Michelle).

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