Monday, August 25, 2008


According to the Daily Kos this is a picture of John McCain's key ring with all his house keys. Apparently they are going to have some fun with house keys at the Democratic Convention in Denver this week.

Watching ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning my jaw dropped when Mark Halperin said that the "How many houses do John and Cindy McCain own" business was going to be bad for Obama.

Halperin: ” My hunch is that this is going to end up being one of the worst moments in the entire campaign for one of the candidates, but it’s Barack Obama. I believe this has opened the door to not just Tony Rezko in that ad, but to bring up Reverend Wright, to bring up his relationship with Bill Ayers. I think that the Obama campaign agressively jumped on something ”

Stephanopolous: “Don’t you think that was going to come up anyway?”

As though the Republicans have not been talking about those things for months! How can Halperin continue to pretend he is an impartial observer while saying nonsense like that?

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