Monday, August 04, 2008

Is Obama “The One?”

You may have already known this but I have just recently become aware that at least some of the Fundamentalist Christians who think the Book of Revelation was a prophecy about things that will happen in our lifetime, the "Left Behind" readers who think that the Rapture is near, think Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ. For a sample of that kind of thinking see here and here and here and here. Now that I have thought about this for a little while I realize that this is actually more good news for Obama's chances of being elected.

After all, these people are strong political supporters of Israel's military hardliners because the extension of Israel's borders through military means is necessary, in their view, to bring about the Rapture. The election of the Anti-Christ is just as necessary to set this all in motion as is the reestablishment of the State of Israel. To set the stage for Christ's return surely these people must be planning to vote for Barack Obama!

(Just for the record: I do not believe that the Book of Revelation was intended by its author to be interpreted as prophecy of things to happen thousands of years in the future. The book was about things the author thought had already happened and were going to happen in his lifetime. The fact that the things described did not happen then, at least if you interpret the text literally, does not mean that it was therefore a prophecy of the distant future.)

(I also do not believe that Obama is presenting himself as any sort of savior. If you actually listen to what he says he never takes personal credit for the great changes he hopes will happen. If some people seem to be reacting to Obama as a celebrity rather than as a politician with policy proposals and political positions then that just shows how silly they are.)


Anonymous said...

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Dave Barrett said...

This blog appears to have just been visited by someone claiming the HE will "rapture out billions." This is indeed an honor. Jesus Christ, God himself, reads my blog!

[Those blog rating websites that rate this blog so poorly based on its readership are going to have to change their tunes now!]

Oh, secret rapture, have you told the Jehovah Witnesses that billions will be raptured? They are under the mistaken impression that it will only be 144,000 or so.