Thursday, June 26, 2008

Legalized Gambling is not the root of all evil

Barb Ickes has a column in today's Quad-City Times talking about how Earl Beasley and his wife, Julie, spent some of the money they embezzled from the Quad City Times. Unlike many other recent embezzlement cases in the Quad Cities they did not spend the money they stole on the river-boat casinos. They bought stuff (a lot of stuff) and took trips to Disney World.

So we have to assume that even if we had never legalized river-boat gambling this particular crime would still have occurred. It is important to keep things in perspective.

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Daniel said...

People have many reasons for wanting to steal money. But I too have thought, and still do, that legalized gambling motivates a different group to take money. People who would have resisted the urge at all times in the past.