Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Foggy Morning on Sylvan Slough

Foggy Morning on Sylvan Slough, originally uploaded by dvdbarrett.

I just bought a new camera, hoping to be able to take pictures in conditions in which my old camera was useless. One of my goals was to be able to take pictures outdoors in dim light. This morning was cloudy and foggy. Here is what Sylvan Slough looked like at 7a.m. this morning.


Socialist Christian Hippie said...

what kind of camera did you get?

I was just by there around 7:45 this morning riding my bike to work (from Moline to Downtown Davenport via bike trail).

Must have just missed ya.

Dave Barrett said...

My new camera is a Sony DSC-H7. I was down at the I Wireless Center right about 7:00. Was it still foggy at 7:45?

Socialist Christian Hippie said...

it was pretty gray and misty, though perhaps not quite as foggy. Great bike riding weather, though.