Saturday, October 20, 2007

Urging Congress to pass the Energy Bill

Chris Abraham, who works for, sent me a nice email inviting me to steal the following ad and put it in my blog. It is aimed at getting Congressman Kirk, one of the more conservative members of the Illinois delegation, to support the Energy Bill now being considered by Congress. The comprehensive Energy Bill has strong standards for fuel economy and renewable energy. It is being opposed by the auto industry among others, but has strong support among environmental groups (which apparently now includes a lot of church people -- check out the list of ad sponsors at the bottom.)

Representative Kirk:

Pass a Good Energy Bill and
Get Us Into the End Zone!

This summer, members of the House and Senate each worked hard to pass energy bills. Now it’s time for Congress to finish the job and pass a comprehensive bill -- one that will bring the nation’s fleet of cars and trucks to an average of 35 mpg and 15 percent of our electricity coming from renewable energy by 2020. This is a critical step in the fight to break America of its addiction to fossil fuels and a down payment in combating global warming.

This is our chance to make our country more energy independent, create good jobs, save consumers money, protect our natural resources, and reduce the growth of global warming pollution.

This ad is sponsored by:
Protestants for the Common Good - Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago - League of Women Voters of Illinois - Faith In Place - Environment Illinois - Defenders of Wildlife - Earthjustice - Environmental Defense - National Environmental Trust - IL members of Natural Resources Defense Council - Sierra Club - Union of Concerned Scientists - Alliance for the Great Lakes - Illinois Environmental Council - Lake County Audubon Society - Chicago Audubon Society - Alaska Wilderness League - Audubon Chicago Region - Alaska Wilderness League

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Lorna said...

Thanks for this post! I work with Chris Abraham and want to point out to you a petition that urges Congress to adopt a strong, clean energy bill for 2007. This would involve the inclusion of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard of 35 mpg and the Renewable Electricity Standard, which calls for 15% of U.S. electricity to be generated by renewable sources.

You can sign the petition here! Pass it on!

Energy Bill 2007


Lorna Li | Green 2.0