Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bush Administration has been on course for war with Iran for years

Esquire magazine has published an article By John H. Richardson that every American needs to read:
In the years after 9/11, Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann worked at the highest levels of the Bush administration as Middle East policy experts for the National Security Council. Mann conducted secret negotiations with Iran. Leverett traveled with Colin Powell and advised Condoleezza Rice. They each played crucial roles in formulating policy for the region leading up to the war in Iraq. But when they left the White House, they left with a growing sense of alarm -- not only was the Bush administration headed straight for war with Iran, it had been set on this course for years. That was what people didn't realize. It was just like Iraq, when the White House was so eager for war it couldn't wait for the UN inspectors to leave. The steps have been many and steady and all in the same direction. And now things are getting much worse. We are getting closer and closer to the tripline, they say.

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Although the chicken hawk neo-cons who are publicly calling for the United States to bomb Iran seem to be implying that the only consequence of that action would be the prevention of World War III everyone else who knows anything about the situation thinks that such a military attack would have very serious consequences indeed.
Bear in mind that Iran has not invaded another country for hundreds of years. No suicide bomber whose nationality has been determined has turned out to be Iranian. (Almost all of the non-Iraqis fighting us in Iraq are Sunnis, many of them Saudis.) Nuclear weapons experts all agree that Iran is years away from being able to produce a nuclear bomb and even if they had the bomb it is not at all clear that this would be more dangerous to world stability than, say, Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.


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Consider this, too

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Oh dear. I would not have mentioned Pakistan if I had known about the views to which you linked.