Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some blogs I have been reading lately

In hopes of further outraging people who do not agree with me but nonetheless read this blog here are some blogs I read regularly:

The Conscience of a Liberal: The blog of Paul Krugman (New York Times columnist.) If you don’t like his newspaper columns you will like his blog even less. Paul Krugman was right when most were wrong and they will never forgive him for it.

Debunking Christianity: This is a blog written by a number of former Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians (many of whom used to be ministers and Bible College professors) who argue against Christian belief from an ex-insiders point of view. As you would expect the comments always include the responses of true-believers defending the faith, but the comments are moderated so that the debate is always civil and respectful. Fascinating reading!

Shakespeare’s Sister: I don’t quite know how to describe this blog other than to say it is always well written and interesting and if you do not like my political views you will probably like this blog even less.

Blue Gal: A little saucy and impertinent but she always maintains her dignity and is always interesting.

God is for Suckers: A little more irreverent than I would allow myself to be, but I still enjoy reading it.

Crooks and Liars: Excellent political commentary! Again, if you do not like my political views you will probably won't like this blog either.


Blue Gal said...

thanks for the linky love, Maverick. Don't think you're all alone out here in the blogosphere. Lots of us here at the party.

BEAJ said...

Blue Gal's blog looks interesting.
I'm a frequent commenter on God Is For Suckers.
Debunking Christianity really takes the issue more seriously than I do, but I visit there once in a while.