Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our macho State Senator

The governor’s office is denying it but judging from all the evidence it does seem likely to me that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich threatened to withhold $75 million needed for Western Illinois University’s Quad-Cities campus unless our state senator, Mike Jacobs, voted for the Governor’s universal health care plan. Read more about it in the Dispatch/Argus. A wimpier politician than Mike Jacobs probably would have felt that it would be better for his district as well as his own career not to create a public feud with the governor by calling a press conference and creating a public uproar. If the governor decides to punish Mike Jacobs this part of Illinois has more to lose than just the $75 million for the WIU – Moline campus.

But, just as fish have got to swim and birds have to fly Mike Jacobs cannot back down from a bar fight when he feels he has been challenged. Although the people of north-western Illinois did not actually pick Mike Jacobs to be our state senator from among a crowded field of candidates (he was initially appointed to the position when his father retired) he is the only state senator we have. I suggest we make the best of it by taking whatever satisfaction we can from the thought that our senator cannot be intimidated.


friend of Mike's said...

Am I wrong or was Mike Jacobs ELECTED to this postion in November of 2006 in a general election (primary was in March or April). I believe he had opposition in both races and WON. Maybe you forgot that he was ELECTED.

Dave Barrett said...

No, I did not forget. He was elected in the primary against one opponenet and in the general election against one opponent.
Mayby YOU forgot that before those elections he was initially appointed as state senator.

Anonymous said...

Winning the appointment over Boland was another rung in Jacobs's recent politcal wins!