Saturday, June 23, 2007

How much Spanish do you know?

Just by living in America you have probably picked up more Spanish than you realize. How many of the following 20 Spanish words or phrases can you match with their English equivalents?

1. CasaA. Miss
2. Hasta La VistaB. Hat
3. AdiosC. Good Day
4. GraciasD. Information
5. UnoE. House
6. HombreF. Thank you
7. DosG. Mister
8. SenoritaH. Five
9. SenorI. Good evening
10. TresJ. See ya later
11. SiestaK. Man
12. CuatroL. Afternoon nap
13. SombreroM. The child
14. CincoN. Water
15. El NinoO. Good-bye
16 MaήanaP. Two
17. Buenos diasQ. Four
18. Buenas nochesR. Tomorrow
19. AguaS. One
20. InformacionT. Three

Correct Answers
1E, 2J, 3O, 4F, 5S, 6K, 7P, 8A, 9G, 10T, 11L, 12Q, 13B, 14H, 15M, 16R, 17C, 18I, 19N, 20D

Leave a comment with your score and how you would have described your knowledge of Spanish before taking this test.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to know how much Spanish I know - my question is how much English to people know - in America?

If you did not know, English is the language that we speak...

Dave Barrett said...

My sympathies. You probably did not have the opportunities to further your education that I did. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Robbie said...

i knew them all. i have never taken spanish but am pretty good at french.

the thing that weirds me out about everyone botching about latinos not knowing english is that so many regular americans are terrible at english. most cannot write anything near sensible and many speak in mostly ebonics. then again i just typed this message without capitalization. thats because i am lazy though.

Dave Barrett said...

20 out of 20 for someone who has never studied Spanish! Great!

Actually, learning another language improves your understanding of your own language. That is why it is so wrong-headed for people to react to people in their community speaking another language by shouting at them to learn English. Having people around speaking another language is a wonderful opportunity, not some threat or problem.

Evil Roy Slade said...

Las palabras no me recuerdo. Pero,
hay por la calle son reir. Pero la gente, no me entende.

Dave Barrett said...

evil roy slade,
Not knowing much more Spanish than the above 20 words and phrases I had to get someone to translate your comment. I am told that it means something like: "I don't remember the words. But, there is a smile on the street but the people don't understand me."

I guess that is true. I don't understand it even after it is translated into English. Was that from a song or a poem or something?