Wednesday, June 27, 2007

illegal pork processing in Beijing

One thing we bloggers like to do is see how people who read our blogs came to our site – what link they clicked or what words they searched on to find us. It turns out that someone just visited this blog after typing the phrase “illegal pork processing in Beijing” into AOL search. Although I have never addressed the issues of illegal pork processing or pork processing in Beijing and certainly not illegal pork processing in Beijing apparently I have come closer to doing so than anyone else on the web since my blog came up first in the AOL search on that phrase. Google also lists this blog first when you type that phrase into their search. Yahoo search, however, did not list this blog at all (or at least within the first 150 listed sites, after which I got tired of scrolling).

If anyone knows anything about illegal pork processing in Beijing be sure to pass it on to me. I need to post it here because people are apparently already coming here looking for it and I would hate to disappoint them.

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