Thursday, February 15, 2007

What country is supplying arms to the Sunni insurgents in Iraq?

Suddenly the Bush Administration is all over the media talking about how the Shia fighters in Iraq are getting arms from Iran. But if you listen closely to what they are saying they admit that they have had most of this evidence and information for a long time. Why are they suddenly talking about it now? Given the history of this Administration you might wonder if they are trying to distract us from something they do not want discussed.

Could it have something to do with the sudden rash of our helicopters being shot down, 5 in 2 weeks? See stories here and here. All appear to have been shot by Sunni insurgents. At least some of them were shot down by anti-aircraft missiles. Iran would not be supplying weapons to the Sunnis. That would be like Tony Blair giving bombs to the IRA. No, the countries most likely to be supplying the anti-aircraft missiles being used to shoot down our helicopters would be our allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Pay no attention to those missiles shooting down our helicopters. Look at these Iranian serial numbers on these roadside bombs. Aren't they much more interesting than those boring old anti-aircraft missiles?

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