Saturday, February 03, 2007

He Don’t Have The Blues Anymore

I’ve been listening lately to Maria Muldaur’s album “Meet Me Where They Play the Blues”, especially the track “He Don’t Have The Blues Anymore” I couldn’t find the lyrics on the internet so I have transcribed them myself.

by Bruce Channel, Hoy Lindsey, Ricky Ray Rector (according the liner notes)

He's not worried about his rent
You know his money's all been spent
He don't care if they repossess his car
He no longer is afraid
You know his debts have all been paid
No, he don't have the blues anymore

He's got a smile on his face
that cannot be erased
No, he don't have to worry like before.
Lord, he's finally settled down
Stopped all that running 'round
No, he don't have the blues anymore

One by one he's said goodbye
to the trouble and all the strife
Now he's headed where he's never been before
He no longer feels alone
He's finally found a happy home
Oh, he don't have the blues anymore

All his friends were glad to see
that he's finally been set free
And they took him and they laid him in the ground
He's finally got it made
He's just resting in the shade
Oh, he don't have the blues anymore

Now he's gone beyond the sky
with the angels up on high
and he's headed right for Heaven's open door
He's been pardoned and released
Finally filled with a heavenly peace
Oh, he don't have the blues anymore

Don't have to worry anymore
He finally walked to the heavenly door
Gonna walk around heaven all day
Seeing Mama and his pappa
All the saints there to greet him
All his friends can't wait to meet him
Oh he don't have the blues

He's finally through with his life down here
..Been set free
No more trouble, no more pain
Only sunshine, no more rain
He don't have the blues

I can’t decide whether this is an uplifting or depressing song. It appears to be happy, but it paints a depressing picture of this man’s life up until his death. Is life just worry and trouble?

They say the end of January is the most depressing time of the year. Maybe this song will strike me differently in the spring.


Guru meditation said...

Great song !

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you help me? I just can't get this song ("He Don’t Have The Blues Anymore") anywhere! ;( I will be very thankful if you would like to send me it. My e-mail
I look forward to hearing from you,

Dave Barrett said...

I am sure there are a lot of places you could purchase Maria Muldaur's album "Meet Me Where They Play the Blues”. The song is on that album.