Sunday, July 16, 2006

Are American men weak?

I was watching CSPAN's Book TV this weekend and saw a panel of conservative book authors and publishers. The only person on the panel whose name I recognized was Phyllis Schlafly. When the discussion turned to “Women’s Lib” I was shocked to hear Phyllis Schlafly say that the real underlying problem was that men had become weak. She said that we needed to return to the days of strong men and then "Women’s Lib" would fade away as women no longer needed to fill the gap by being strong in the way men no longer were. All the other panelists appeared to nod in approval and agreement with this analysis.

In what way are modern men "weak"? Is it weak to not beat your wife? Is it weak to share family decision making? Is it weak to allow a woman who has the ability and desire to become a business manager or executive? In many, if not most, American families the woman has no choice but to work outside the home in order to make ends meet, so there is no way we can go back to the days of the "stay at home mom". What do these people have in mind? What in heaven’s name are they talking about?

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Anonymous said...

The weakness is in Phyllis' mind. She's been talking rubbish for decades, about some kind of Leave It to Beaver world that existed. She would never be satisfied to be June, so I don't know what makes her think anyone else would be.