Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rev. Wright controversy a dud.

Now that the votes have been counted in Indiana and North Carolina it seems clear that very few voters who otherwise would have voted for Barack Obama were persuaded not to by the controversial views of Obama's former pastor, Rev. Wright. In exit polls a higher percentage of people who said the controversy was NOT important voted for Barack Obama than the percentage of voters who said the controversy was important to them and voted for Hillary Clinton.

We have all heard television and radio commentators and read newspaper columnists and blogs who claimed that Rev. Wright's statements and views had been very damaging to Obama's chances of being nominated and elected. Some Quad Cities blogs have even claimed that the controversy had finished Barack Obama – "he is toast" according to one commenter. Those people must be feeling pretty foolish now. Perhaps they will be so ashamed at having been proven so publicly wrong that they will abandon political commentary and prediction and devote themselves to some other area of human endeavor – one is which there is no final objective result to prove their opinions wrong, such as flower arranging or feng shui.

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