Tuesday, July 03, 2007

They don't hate us for our freedom

An editorial in today's New York Times talks about the results of the latest Pew global opinion poll and provides strong evidence that people who don't like us around the world do NOT hate us for our freedoms. They largely share our ideals. They dislike us because we do not live up to them.
The central finding of the latest Pew global opinion poll is, alas, drearily familiar: President Bush and his misguided war in Iraq have dragged the United States far, far down in the world’s eyes.

The only good news — and it’s not much comfort — is that most countries give higher ratings to the American people than to the country. That means a change of government could bring a change of attitude toward America. But there is a long way to go, especially to correct the perception that the United States promotes its values globally not because they are universally good, but because they are good for American interests.

The survey found that majorities or pluralities in 33 of the 47 countries polled expressed a dislike of American ideas about democracy, with the hostility highest in three allies: Turkey, France and Pakistan. The poll also showed a widespread perception that Washington acts without considering the interests of other countries. And strong majorities everywhere saw the United States as the worst culprit in “hurting the world’s environment.”

What the Pew poll reflects is a profound disappointment in America’s failure to live up to its own ideals and standards.

This shows clearly how big a lie Bush's often repeated contention that "They hate us for our freedoms" truely is. The fact that so many Americans believe it just shows how effective the technique of endlessly repeating a lie can be.


Robbie C. said...

No comments from Mowen on this one. I guess he realizes how right you are.

Dave Barrett said...

Thanks, but I would be hesitant to speculate on what he does and does not know.

Jim Mowen said...

What is it about liberals that have you embracing every poll as a means to criticize?

I really do not choose to debate what someone in Lyberia or Iran happens to think about the United States.

Please feel free to hate everything that you can about the US, it's freedoms, its failures, the Administration, whatever you like. I will choose to discuss ideas without the name-calling.

I appreciate the fact that it is far easier to call someone a name rather than actually put a few logical thoughts together, so please continue in that manner if it is easier for you...

Dave Barrett said...

Uh, what names did we call you?