Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another expansion of gambling in the Quad Cities

When the voters initially approved river-boat gambling the gambling was only to occur while the boats were cruising on the river. The voters were explicitly not approving Las Vegas style land-based full-time gambling. But other nearby towns got river-boat casinos also, there was more competition than was included in the projections, they were not earning as much money as expected so then they moved to full time gambling dock-side. That did not make as much money as projected so now they are building a Las Vegas style casino away from the river.

As was the case for each previous step they are projecting hundreds of new jobs and millions in tax revenue. Why would these projections be any more likely to be accurate than the previous ones? How did we end up with exactly what everyone agreed we did not want and would not have when river-boat gambling was first proposed -- a Las Vegas style land-based casino?

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