Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trying to get African Americans and Illegal Immigrants to Fight

It was not that many years ago that people with a vested interest in undermining labor solidarity and the well-being of working people fanned the flames of racial intolerance in order to pit white workers against black. Workers were suckered in by these tactics very much to their own economic detriment. Keeping black and white workers at each other’s throats rather than working together for their mutual advantage very much served the interests of management and the corporate owners.

The business interests are still doing everything they can to pit groups of workers against each other in order to keep them disorganized and weak. Now they want African Americans and illegal immigrants to fight each other.
New research by a Vanderbilt professor of law and political science found that illegal immigration is hurting African Americans and the Congressional Black Caucus is not doing enough about it. Read the entire article

Isn’t it kind of suspicious that people who have never before shown any interest in the well-being of African Americans are suddenly claiming to have more concern about them than the Democrats in Congress? The AFLCIO is not falling for this scam. And neither should you.

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