Thursday, May 24, 2007

The “I’m OK” Democrats

Most people around the country who consider themselves Democrats are angry and appalled by everything about the Iraq War: the needless waste of life, the damage done to our military readiness, the waste and theft of federal tax dollars, the damage done to our international reputation and moral authority. Obviously, anyone who empathizes to any meaningful degree with those suffering as a result of this war would feel compelled to do anything and everything in their power to immediately stop this evil.

I can only conclude that many Democrats in Congress and the Washington insiders who advise them do not feel the pain of the war’s victims. They must be "I’m OK" Democrats. With apparent equanimity, they have decided that it would be better to allow the war to continue for another two years rather than take the blame for any downside involved in ending it. I wonder if the blood on their hands will interfere with their golf swings.

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