Thursday, April 12, 2007

My psychic wife

I get up early in the morning and read newspapers and blogs online. When my wife came to the breakfast table she asked me what was happening in the world. I started telling her about an AP article I had read. (Curiously the story was not picked up by very many newspapers or major news sites but I came across a reference to it in a political blog.) "The people in Congress investigating the firing of eight federal prosecutors had heard about an non-government email system set up by the Republican Party that people in the White House were using to communicate and had started to ask questions about whether White House officials had been using that email system to get around a law requiring preservation — and eventual disclosure — of presidential records. Guess what," I asked my wife, "the White House just announced about that email system yesterday?"
"All the emails got erased?," she guessed.
She must be psychic.

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