Monday, April 09, 2007

Has the Colonel's View blog been hacked?

Has another local blog been hacked? Check out The Colonel's View blog. Isn't that strange?
I would like to encourage everyone to practice safe surfing. Set the security settings in your browser to the highest levels of security and avoid disreputable web sites. And never tell anyone the password to your blogger account and if your password would be easy for someone to guess change it right away. Don't let a spammer steal all your hard work!


QuadCityImages said...

It hasn't been hacked. He took it down and some spam bot saw how many sites link to it and signed up for the blog domain.

The same thing happened last time he "retired."

Dave Barrett said...

Are you sure? Why did he not inform QCOnline bloggers page that he was retiring? They are showing that spam as the latest posting of "The Colonel's" blog.

Robbie C. said...

Yeah, the blog went down last week. It was a dead link for a while. But since changing your blogger address takes about 3 seconds, a spam site went right in there as QCI mentioned.

Though people should remember to practice safe surfing. Never download or sign in to anything unless you are the one initiating the process.

Dave Barrett said...

Well, that raises a number of questions for me. First, wasn't it discourteous of "thecolonel" to not inform every website and blog that linked to his blog that it was going down so that we would not end up with the situation where we now have links on our sites to spam?
Second question: If you turn off JavaScript and go to it looks very similar to what looked like (with JavaScript off) right after it had been "hacked." Was qcmedia hacked or did he just abandon his blog as did thecolonel?
Third question: Why are these people suddenly abandoning their blogs. Are they suddenly realizing that they have been defending the indefensible and carrying water for people not deserving of their support?