Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome to the Quad Cities Senator Biden

The headline of the story on page 3 of today's Moline (Illinois) Dispatch about the visit of Senator Biden to Rock Island was “Democratic presidential candidate has plagiarism, bluntness to overcome.” The first sentence of the article, written by Karl Alemeier, is “Sen. Joe Biden knows he has 33 years of legislative bluntness to smooth over if he wants to be president, but he also knows he has years of experience in foreign relations that should make him someone to consider.”

Welcome to the Quad Cities. Missouri is the “Show Me” state. Does the Dispatch want the Quad Cities to be the “Apologize To Me” metropolitan area? I, for one, do not think that Senator Biden first needs to apologize or overcome his “legislative bluntness” before I will consider him for president. I like his style and wish more Democrats in Congress would adopt it.

Will the Dispatch treat other presidential candidates the same way? When Senator McCain comes to town will the Dispatch headline be “Republican candidate has unwavering support for the war to overcome?” With over 60% of the public now against the war that question would be germane.

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demgorilla said...

Right on!

I thought that headline was atrocious and unprofessional.
That issue was dealt with in 1988.
Biden paid a heavy price for it then. If you had attended the Biden event, which I did, you would notice that no one mentioned the very old news about the plagiarism issue. It was never brought up ... until someone in the headline department decided to skewer Biden and Phil Hare with that headline.

That's akin to Andrea Zinga showing up to speak at an event, and then the next day the headline reads, "Candidate faces huge barriers about her employment issues with CNN" or something. I mean, it's very old news and very unfair to label the candidate with that.

Biden, by the way, was excellent, sharp, smart and inspiring.