Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coffee with Phil Hare at the Thomas'

This morning, Saturday August 12, 2006, Democratic Precinct Committeeman Vince Thomas and his wife Margaret hosted a Coffee for Phil Hare, Democratic candidate for Congress at their home in Rock Island.

Phil Hare greeting and shaking hands. Vince Thomas is to the left of Phil and Phil's lovely wife Becky is at the far right of the picture.

Phil discussing issues with Stella Schneekloth and Connie Barrett of Moline

Phil and Stella and Stella's granddaughter Maggie

I have known Phil Hare for many years but had not heard him give a campaign speech before or talk very much about issues. I must say that I was surprised at how well he spoke and how much I agreed with him. So many politicians these days talk like they are trying to be on both sides of controversial issues and as a consequence sound like they don't believe in anything other than getting elected. Not Phil. After listening to him you know exactly where he stands and what he believes. He makes more sense when he talks about NAFTA, corporations getting tax breaks and still moving jobs out of the country, the power of corporations and illegal immigration than any politician I have heard. If you can make it to any of his campaign events you owe it to yourself to go and hear him.


SE1 said...

The excerpt of you blog on QC Bloggers (on QCOnline) said: "Vince Thomas is to the left of Phil and Phil's lovely ..."

Out of context (the photo was not printed in the QC Online excerpt) the implication of the phrase is that Phil Hare is to the right of Vince Thomas, politically. When I visited your blog it was clear that the comment referred to the physical relationships in the photograph. Interesting to note that one needs to be careful how one constructs a blog post.

Dave Barrett said...

If the startling claim that Vince Thomas was to the left of Phil caused you to click and read the entire blog entry then that worked out very well. We bloggers try to write stuff that people want to read. As per your suggestion I will strive in my future blog entries to construct them in such a way that the QC Bloggers excerpt will intrigue and beguile readers as this one did. Thanks for your suggestion.

National Pundit said...

How many people were there? It looks like it was a full house.

Dave Barrett said...

Yeah, the house was pretty full. It was a 2 hour event and people came and went. I would guess there were about 50 people at any one time and maybe 70 or 80 total. That's just a guess.