Monday, February 20, 2006

Valid Concerns about the Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant

In this morning’s Daily Dispatch is an opinion written by Moline Alderman Dick Potter who disagrees with the idea of giving incentives designed to lift the standard of living in impoverished areas to the proposed East Moline Triumph Foods pork processing plant which will only pay starting wages of $8.25 an hour. Even the average wage of $25,000 a year is still below the poverty line. Why should a project which will pay its workers poverty wages receive subsidies and special treatment? Let them pay all the taxes and fees that any other business would pay.

In this morning’s Quad City Times is a letter to the editor by Tim Murphy of the Quad-City Audubon Society who worries about the environmental impact of the proposed plant and suggests an independent, third-party evaluation of the impact of the plant before final approval is given to the project.

These are valid concerns about the proposed project which I share. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to have reservations about this plant. There is no need to demagogue about illegal immigration or the ethnicity of the people who will work there.


Anonymous said...

I think the people opposing this plant are nuts! Do you see industry lining up waiting for a spot in the Quad Cities??? NO! you see them moving out, look at Case for one example. We need to find a way to attact jobs here, not turn them away, this area is like a ghost town now!

Dave Barrett said...

A ghost town!?! I see a lot of construction and growth. A new bridge is being built across the Rock River and a new bridge is going to be built across the Mississippi. The company I work for is building a new building in the booming 53rd Street area of Davenport. All of this expansion and growth is taking place outside of the flood plain and without any tax breaks or special government favors.