Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meghan McCain reacts to Arlen Spector's choice

John McCain's daughter Meghan posted the following message on Twitter yesterday:

I know its been a hard day for a lot of you but Arlen Spector has made a selfish choice. This can come back and be better than ever.

What Republican principle does making a selfish choice violate?


Saul said...

Ha! That was a good one!

Dave Barrett said...

According to the Think Progress blog:
Today, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) appeared on CNN to talk about Sen. Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic party. Host Rick Sanchez asked DeMint about Specter's statement that the Republican party is becoming more narrowly focused on the far right. DeMint replied, "Quite the opposite. We're seeing across the country right now that the biggest tent of all is the tent of freedom."

If the Republican Party is all about freedom I would think they would be applauding Arlen Spector's choice. After all he was using his freedom to better his chances of retaining his job. I would think free enterprise/free market types would celebrate that sort of behavior.

tiger said...


Help me understand something about Obama...

The man is agressievly pro-abortion. In fact, he actually spoke out in favor of allowing a baby that is born to be allowed to die (if the birth came about via a botched Partial-Birth Abortion).

However, this same man, who thinks that killing (American) babies that have been born is acceptable, believes that it is ghastly, terrible,morally wrong (!) to interregate a terrorist in what he suggests is torture.

Apparently...torture is worse than abortion?

Dave Barrett said...

Huh? What does abortion have to do with Republican's feelings about selfish choices?
As for your question, someone has been feeding you lies about Obama. He is not "agressively" pro-abortion at all. Whenever he mentions abortion he says that he would prefer that abortion be safe, legal and RARE.
As for whether torture is worse than abortion -- torture does violate US and international law. What part of illegal do you not understand?

tiger said...

He "SAYS" that he wants abortion to be 'safe, legal and rare' yet everything he DOES and VOTES ON clearly tells a different story.

Obama also SAID that he was against having lobbiests in his inner-circle, yet has MANY.

He SAID that he was against earmarks, yet signed a bill with HUGE earmarks.

Obama SAID a lot of, apparently, are silly enough to believe him!

Dave Barrett said...

And you are silly enough to believe everything you hear from right-wing radio. What has Obama done on abortion? He voted once on a bill in the Illinois Senate. What bill had "HUGE" earmarks? In the stimulus bill they were about 2% of the total. What lobbyists are in his "inner" circle? You are the one with the silly beliefs!