Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gonzales, Yoo and 4 others may be indicted for War Crimes

According to the Associated Press a Spanish court has agreed to open a criminal case that could result in criminal indictments for six Bush Administration officals on charges of enabling torture at Guantanamo Bay.

Human rights lawyers brought the case before leading anti-terror judge Baltasar Garzon, who agreed to send it on to prosecutors to decide whether it had merit, Gonzalo Boye, one of the lawyers who brought the charges, told The Associated Press.

The ex-Bush officials are Gonzales; former undersecretary of defense for policy Douglas Feith; former Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff David Addington; Justice Department officials John Yoo and Jay S. Bybee; and Pentagon lawyer William Haynes.


Spanish law allows courts to reach beyond national borders in cases of torture or war crimes under a doctrine of universal justice, though the government has recently said it hopes to limit the scope of the legal process.

Garzon became famous for bringing charges against former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1998, and he and other Spanish judges have agreed to investigate alleged abuses everywhere from Tibet to Argentina's "dirty war," El Salvador and Rwanda.

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It will be very interesting to see how the American public reacts to this news. Hopefully this will open people's eyes to how the reset of the world views the actions of the Bush Administration.

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Daniel said...

For nearly all my 60 years of life I have viewed the governments of the world in three categories: those governments under which I would feel safe being a citizen (good governments), those that would cause me to feel unsafe as a citizen (poor governments), and governments of countries where I would not even want to visit (evil governments). Over the years I have found consistently two common characteristics of all governments that have seemed evil: (1) they hold people in prison without a fair trial, and (2) they torture those people held in prison.

Look what President Bush and his cronies have done to my country and the government of which I was so proud. We can only hope and pray that President Obama can repair the damage done to our once great country.

Daniel of Rockford