Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why the President will not mention local blog

Local conservative blogger, QCExaminer, pleads with President Obama to "diss" her. I think she is missed something important about why the president advised Congressional Republican "you can't listen to Limbaugh and get things done." It wasn't just because Limbaugh is a conservative. It was because Limbaugh was telling Republicans to oppose Obama, not just when they thought his proposals were wrong and would not work, but all the time, especially on proposals that, if passed, would work. Limbaugh wants Obama to fail, not because his ideas would fail, but out of fear that his proposals would succeed. The success of Obama's policies, in addition to being good for America, would clearly demonstrate to the vast majority of voters that it is in their interests for Democrats to be elected.

That is the reason the President told Republicans in Congress they cannot listen to Limbaugh and "get things done." Is QCExaminer saying anything that the President needs to comment on? Not so much.


The Inside Dope said...


Just another of those dirt simple things that Republicans seem to willingly pretend not to "get".

Like the absurd notion that if any of the Guantanamo detainees are placed in a Federal high security prison in their state, that somehow that will put their constituents in peril.

I've never seen anything more stupid, with Republican after Republican, and even at least one Dem (Kan. Gov. Sebelius) saying they don't want any of them in their states.


Have the right wingers gotten so brainwashed that they think these bedraggled beaten down detainees possess super powers?


Can they burn through concrete and steel with laser eyes or something?

We have people in less secure prisons who have murdered their families and eaten their brains.

Yet they think someone who cooked for a terrorist training camp has such super powers that they can't be held in a super max prison?


Dave Barrett said...

Or how about the nonsense about the stimulus plan, such as welfare, giving money to poor people, is not stimulus. WTF? Why not?!?

Or the nonsense about tax cuts being more of stimulus than government spending. WTF? All the experts disagree, but these Republican partisans don't care.