Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where was all this media suspicion in 2003?

What in heavens name are all these "unanswered questions" and suspicions about possible Barack Obama involvement with the Blagojevich scandal that so many media types have been talking about? From the very beginning of public awareness of the alleged crime, when Patrick Fitzgerald announced the arrest of Govenor Blagojevich, he made it clear that there was nothing on the wiretaps suggesting that the President-elect was in any way complicit in the crime.

All the media suggestions that there might be some Obama involvement have been based on no facts whatever. Where was all this media suspicion when Bush and Cheney were making the case for invading Iraq in 2003?


Anonymous said...

So true!

Carl Nyberg said...

Or suspicion about Rod Blagojevich or George Ryan when they were running in 2006 or 1998?

There's more damning inferences made about Obama who hasn't done anything wrong in this matter than there were about Ryan and Blagojevich, who were crooks (assuming Fitz convicts Blago).

Anonymous said...

These guys should realize that the Bush admin itself, by their total disrespect for the rule of law, created an atmosphere not only in this country but around the world that looks the other way when corruption or malfeasance occurs. Power corrupts anyway, but there's been no better cheerleader for dishonesty than those who continued to support the Bush despite the corruption.