Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An Oil-Free President

For most Americans the rise in gas prices has been a very unwelcome development, forcing all but the very rich to reduce their driving, boating and other gasoline dependent activites and/or cut back in other areas to pay higher fuel prices. But it has been a godsend to the oil companies-- they are making record profits!

Polls show that an overwelming majority of Americans consider the presidency of George W. Bush a failed presidency. But the president and the vice-president, both oil-men, may consider the current situation to be "mission accomplished!" They and their oil company supporters and contributors may be giving each other high-fives and fist bumps in private celebration of high oil prices.

How is the Republican Party responding to this crisis? They are spending over $3 million in the next week in a new ad campaign to convince voters that high gas prices are Barack Obama's fault.

A lot of people think this demands a response. Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 9, 2008 has been declared a National Day of Action for an Oil-Free President. People will be gathering at gas stations around the country to reach out to voters and make sure they know John McCain is Big Oil's candidate and that he won't solve our energy crisis. In the Quad Cities people will be at the corner of Harrison and Locust streets in Davenport between 4 and 5 PM. If you are thinking about attending or want to know more details go here.

They will have signs and be handing out fliers to remind people that McCain is in the pocket of Big Oil. His campaign is run by oil industry lobbyists, and he looks to Big Oil for big campaign contributions. We can't count on him to push for alternative energy solutions or help lower gas prices.

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rbarry13 said...

David, Thank you for your most excellent plug of our MoveOn event this Wednesday...for an Oil Free President. We need to educate the voting public about McCain's ties to Big Oil, now.

If you want to see more about those names and the dollar amounts for people that are involved in / for McCain's campaign; and to see how much Big Oil money that McCain has received this campaign year...go to: